Let Go of Your Agenda to Be Rich.

article Jan 23, 2021

Let Go of Your Agenda to Be Rich.

I fought challenges in my life with everything in me.

I've always thought that there is a "solution" to every problem.

As I get older and discover more depth and light underneath the dark corners of who I am and what I have experienced in this life, I'm convinced that my problems are not meant to be solved.

They simply ask me to connect, listen, and then lead.

For the last 50 years, my motto has been: Ask forgiveness, not permission. In other words, lead, listen on the fly, and connect? What's that!?

It's my birthday today.

I am 52, and I can honestly say that I am not where I thought that I would be by this point in my life.

I'm much, much better off than I ever dreamed possible.

This arrival at my heart's desires has been accomplished in the most remarkable and unlikely of ways.

I got here by letting go.

One of the first awarenesses I had, when I began to pay more attention to energy speaking to me through my life, was that I needed to let go of my agenda.

The opportunities I saw, the good ideas I had, the possibilities, potentials, and dreams that I dreamt of all wanted me to let go of them.

This took me a long time because, at first, it seems crazy.

Why would I ever let go of what it is that I want? Need? Desire?

I have learned that it is best for one reason above all else.

It is in my highest and best good, and it is also best for the human beings that are close to me.

This touches every area of my life, but none so profoundly as in my relationships with my daughters.

Actually, it was there, driven by a mix of love, desperation, and pain, that I finally began to listen.

As a dad, I have had many ideas about what my kid's lives will be like. What they should be like, and what I do not want them to be like or to experience (aka Pain).

After 30 years as a parent, I finally realized that all of those thoughts and desires have nothing to do with my kids.

These "good ideas," just like the agenda items that I think are the most important, often disguise something essential for me to notice within myself: fear, worry, and anxiety.

This is sneaky.

I mean, it is totally plausible and even admirable to have a bunch of goals for your life and your kids, right?

It is, but like all things, it is the spirit or the energy with which you do something that is the most important.

All three of my daughters, and my life, have patiently taught me this over and over.

Ironically for many years, I tried my hardest to create a life filled with closeness, abundance, and success in the best sense of the word, but all my efforts pushed what I wanted further away and caused everyone (me most of all) a lot of pain.

When I finally started to let go of my agenda and trust a higher-power with my life, relationships, and work, everything shifted.

I started to tap into a feeling of intrinsic safety within me, and I began to create a sense of safe space for the people I love and work with.

This is not easy, but it always gives me joy in the end.

Tomorrow my three daughters, my son-in-law, my grandson, and the love of my life Amanda and I, will celebrate my 52nd birthday.

I am a rich man with an open whole-hearted life.

This year, my birthday wish is that you would experience the love and light that longs to break through you and your life.


Trace Hobson lives in British Columbia, Canada, and spends his time teaching people from all walks of life how to create a safe space in their meetings with each other.

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