Blissed Out or Burned Out?

article Feb 06, 2021

Do you feel frustrated with going back and forth between bliss and burnout in your business? Your career? Family? Life?

Do you sometimes feel angry and/or exhausted with your family, team, kids, partner?


If you can relate, you may not be aware of this, but that frustration, anger, and fatigue are the keys to your freedom (and your client's, family's, and partner's freedom as well).


There is a common misconception that the right methods, steps, and practices will give you what you want, but that's not true.


You may not realize it, but there is a way for you to harness all that raw data inside of you and your life (anger, frustration, fatigue, burnout).

You have to learn how to interpret what it's saying so you can finally harness it, so it takes you to where you want to go, rather than where you don't!.


Thankfully you have an onboard energy technology that will tell you exactly what you want to know.

The best part is it's also the fastest path to where you want to go.


So, what's the catch? 


Most people will not use this technology because it asks them to do the deep dive inside themselves rather than get distracted with everything else. 


You aren't just at a crossroads in your life. You are the crossroads. 


It all starts and stops with each of us, and that's the reason why many people skip over this and keep searching outside of themselves.


Your response-ability or your ability to respond to the energy of what life is saying to you in your body, your relationships, and your work is directly correlated with whether you take full responsibility for doing that deep dive inside.


I do a Wayne Dyer meditation in the mornings sometimes, and there is one line that always makes me laugh.


"No matter how much I protest, I am totally responsible for everything that happens to me in my life..."


I laugh because as much as I do take responsibility, I also forget to as well. How do I know that? I can hear myself protesting!


If this resonates with you, three steps may serve you as you do that deep dive inside and start to harness the energy technology I'm talking about.


Step One: Learn how to create a safe space in the meetings you have with people for YOURSELF first and foremost.


Step Two: Listen to what your body is telling you. It already knows what you should do.


Step Three: Decondition yourself so you have rapid transformations in the areas where you're most frustrated.


Ultimately this is about coming home to the power of who you are at your core, but to do that, we need to find that wise, all-knowing guidance system that's inside of us, and then we need to learn how to actually trust it where it counts the most, in our day-to-day lives.


That has sometimes been hard for me to trust in myself.

Still, as I've learned how to create a safe space and listen to the innate wisdom that my body, my relationships, and my work are telling me energetically and systemically. 

I've been able to translate that information and finally get freedom in the areas that I was really stuck in for a very, very long time.

Now I share this with other people in my life, like my family and clients, and now I am sharing it with you too!


I know this is just a little article and that you might have questions about this and how to actually do it (everyone does).

To answer those questions and share this work with people openly and experientially, I created a five-day event called the Safe Space Gathering.

This 5-day event is a sort of challenge without the normal pressures that go along with typical challenges like pressure to add a bunch of things to your already maxed out to-do list or the pressure to buy things you don't want or need! 


None of that! 


It is a straight-up experience of your unique steps to finally find the freedom, the peace, and the deep service you want to share with people.


To make this a fun full-on experience, we spend five mornings together to start your day (8:00 AM for me in Canada, 5:00 PM for my friends in the Netherlands, and 9:30 PM for my friends in India).


We will be together each day for 1.5 hours on a live interactive group coaching call where you will learn the steps to creating a safe space meeting for you and the important people in your life. 


These are the methods that I use personally in operations, with teams, for managing projects, in one-on-one coaching sessions, and with my own family meetings.


There will not be PowerPoint slides, no sales pitches, and no long lists of things you need to do. 


There will be experiential exercises, breakout discussions, interactive conversations, and four special guests that talk about how they create a safe space in their lives, their work, their art, and their family.


If this feels like something that will serve you click below for more details, dates, and registration information:


Now, as you go back to your list of things you have to get done, I hope you'll remember the powerhouse of information and wisdom you have inside you.

One simple question to ask yourself to see if you are really connected to that powerhouse wisdom of yours is: Am I happy?


When you're connected to who you are, it will always make you happy.

That's why this is so important.


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